A new law can help!

California’s Gun Violence Restraining Order (GVRO) is a law that allows teachers, school employees, co-workers, employers, family, household members, and law enforcement to obtain a court order to prevent an at-risk person from accessing guns, ammunition, or magazines and that temporarily prohibits that person from purchasing or obtaining any new guns, ammunition, or magazines*. The firearm removal and purchase restriction can last from 21 days to five years, depending on the type of order, and what the judge thinks is appropriate. A final GVRO, lasting between one and five years, can be renewed before it expires if the danger still exists.

*Magazines are ammunition storage and feeding devices which can often be detached from a firearm.

As an attorney, you have an opportunity to advise or assist a client in obtaining a GVRO. A client may obtain a GVRO for a co-worker, employee, student, loved one, or household member they are concerned about by filling out a petition and filling out the necessary paperwork. A client can also contact their local sheriff or police department about a dangerous situation and ask them to obtain a GVRO. In cases of immediate danger, law enforcement may request an emergency GVRO, which can be obtained at any time of day, even if the court is closed.