How does the subject of the petition turn in firearms and ammunition that they possess?

If demanded when a law enforcement officer serves a court order requiring surrender, the subject of the petition should give all firearms (including handguns, rifles, shotguns, and assault weapons) and ammunition to the law enforcement officer immediately. Otherwise, within 24 hours:

  • Turn them in to the local law enforcement agency (call them ahead of time to ask about their procedures and bring a copy of the order with you. When transporting, go directly to the law enforcement agency, do not bring your firearms elsewhere); or
  • Sell them to a licensed firearms dealer; or
  • Store them with a licensed firearms dealer.

Keeping receipts is important. The subject of the petition is required to submit form GV-800, Proof of Firearms Turned In, Sold, or Stored to the court issuing the order within 48 hours, and to include the receipt(s) as proof of sale or payment for storage. A copy of the receipt(s) must also be filed with a law enforcement agency if they served the order.

If firearms are not willingly surrendered, a search warrant may be issued and the firearms subsequently removed.